Catherine from The Stables


Tell us a little about your background, and how you came to where you are today?

After completing my study in design at Enmore Design Centre I established my own property styling business which I ran for close to ten years. I loved the fast-paced nature of Property Styling but once I started my own family, I decided I wanted to slow things down a little and get back to the basics with design so I established The Stables straight after I sold my other business. I love working closely with my clients and seeing a space transform over time into the vision that I had at the outset of the project. I have always chosen to work for myself as I love the flexibility it gives me and this is so important for me and my family, Thursdays are my day off so it allows me the time to spend with my son doing swimming lessons and having some time at the beach!

What is your style ethos, and where do you draw style inspiration from?

When designing for a client, I like to give a nod to the current trends but I remain as timeless as I can. It’s important for me that the spaces I create stand the test of time and don’t date quickly, it’s a big investment for most clients to style their homes so I try to make smart decisions when specifying for them! My interiors are generally very light, clean and simple and I like to layer them with soft muted colours and layers of texture for warmth. I draw so much inspiration from what other designers are doing in the industry. I tend to have a few key designers and architects that I really admire and I love to see what materials they are specifying currently and how they are mixing them up. I love to see their joinery designs, I have an obsession with joinery and detailing so I am constantly hunting down inspiration for that! Instagram is my go-to platform for seeing what others are doing followed closely by design magazines.

Who would be your style icon, and why?

It is nearly impossible for me to name one! Mim Design, Whiting Architects, Hecker Guthrie and Heartly would be some of my favourites. In terms of furniture design, I adore Jardan and Zuster – I am a huge supporter of Australian made and Australian designed!


What do you look for, when on holiday?

I would love to say that I look for a place to truly unwind and unplug but I would be lying! The reality is that I have a three-year-old so I need a destination that is family friendly, a place where I can take my three-year-old and know that he is going to have a good time too!

What is your favourite element at Soul, and why?

Do I really have to name one! It is nearly impossible, it is truly one of the most amazing properties that I have visited! If I had to name one, it would probably be the attention to detail as it flows across every space and aspect of the property. Every room is styled perfectly, everything has been thought of and everything just flows. I literally cannot fault Soul, it is an incredible experience that I would highly recommend to ANYONE that will listen!


In three words, how would you describe Soul?

Relaxed. Divine. Comfort.

What is your Soul tip, for visitors to Gerringong?

We had an incredible dinner at The Blue Swimmer Crab in Gerroa, I would highly recommend that! A visit to Berry to browse the local shops is also a must! The beaches along the coast here are pristine, a characteristic of beaches along the South Coast of NSW so don’t limit yourself to one! Beach hop, each one is different…try as many as you can out!

To see Catherine’s latest projects, follow The Stables HERE.

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